Is the world grey?

We can never be certain about anything. I know this. For a fact.

One popular claim is that the deepest questions about life can not be answered. Questions like “Why are we here?”, “Do we have a purpose?”, “Can we know our purpose?”, or “Does God exist?” are deemed to be permanently inconclusive and grey with no answers in sight.

Let’s not rush to conclusions. The answers to those questions are fundamental to all worldviews, whether we like it or not.  How can people be so sure that answers do not exist? Just because they have not heard a convincing case yet? Has every single argument been presented and scrutinized? If not, could there be any more important focus of our intellectual efforts?

For example, if it is the case that a God exists, that has implications on absolutely everything. It is wise to devote significant effort to figuring out whether or not this is true.

“A God exists whom we can know.”

That statement is simply true or false, with enormous implications either way. There is no third option, no room in between. We may not know if it is true immediately, but it would be premature to conclude that we can never know. In other words, the world is not grey even though people disagree over the truthfulness of certain claims. Our uncertainty does not change the fact that every statement has a binary constraint: true or false.

To illustrate this, here is one example of a black-and-white-objective-truth that you can know with certainty: You exist.

Don’t immediately believe that statement. Challenge it. Ask yourself, “Do I really know I exist?” Then, check your pronouns. You’ll find that there is no way for you to deny your existence without internal contradictions.

Keep in mind, even if you say, “I don’t know if I exist”, that does not change the binary reality that you either exist or you don’t.

And if you still say to yourself, “I don’t know I exist”, ask yourself a simple question: “Who said that?”

You might even respond: “Who wants to know?”

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