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The methodological error of “faith”

If you value finding truth, you should be concerned with the methodology of thinking. There are common pitfalls and fallacies which are easy to be deceived by, and, in order to properly avoid deception, you should be actively searching for … Continue reading

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Statistical anomalies: are they divine?

Religious people love to claim that God personally intervened in their life. They will give you a touching story about a statistical anomaly which they know couldn’t have happened unless “something else was going on”. That one time that mistake … Continue reading

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Why I am not an atheist

I am not an atheist. I wish that I were. Specifically, I wish that I were a physicalist-atheist: Everything is ultimately reducible to physical existence, and nothing exists outside the physical universe; neither Zeus nor leprechauns nor any other mythical … Continue reading

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Three a week: God

It is unfortunate that the debate over the existence of God is so dividing. People too readily dismiss either side’s argument. Three questions: Question 1: Can we separate arguments for religion from arguments for God? When confronted with typical arguments … Continue reading

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One destruction of a-theism

(To see the related destruction of theism, go here) If you read the de-conversion stories of atheists, many started losing their faith in religion and the supernatural because they realized the universe seems to function without divine intervention. If you … Continue reading

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One destruction of theism

Can absurd statistical anomalies be explained without a god? We’ve all heard it: our universe is so complex, so finely tuned, it is statistically impossible for us to exist (let’s say, 1 in 10 to the 100th power). Therefore, we … Continue reading

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Atheist morality, part 2

So, let’s say humans can break the laws of physics and have free will. Even if that is the case, I do not believe an atheist can be consistent and believe in any objective morality. Beware of the is/ought fallacy. … Continue reading

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