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Statistical anomalies: are they divine?

Religious people love to claim that God personally intervened in their life. They will give you a touching story about a statistical anomaly which they know couldn’t have happened unless “something else was going on”. That one time that mistake … Continue reading

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Why I am not an atheist

I am not an atheist. I wish that I were. Specifically, I wish that I were a physicalist-atheist: Everything is ultimately reducible to physical existence, and nothing exists outside the physical universe; neither Zeus nor leprechauns nor any other mythical … Continue reading

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Three a week: God

It is unfortunate that the debate over the existence of God is so dividing. People too readily dismiss either side’s argument. Three questions: Question 1: Can we separate arguments for religion from arguments for God? When confronted with typical arguments … Continue reading

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One destruction of a-theism

(To see the related destruction of theism, go here) If you read the de-conversion stories of atheists, many started losing their faith in religion and the supernatural because they realized the universe seems to function without divine intervention. If you … Continue reading

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