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Precise Communication: Concrete or Abstract? Even possible?

I am a fan of precise communication. Big time. However, I wonder how accurately humans really communicate. You understand these words, right? No problem. Well, let’s examine that a little deeper (it might seem tedious, but hang in there): The … Continue reading

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Three a week: Ideation

Are you responsible for your ideas? Three questions: Question 1: Where do ideas come from? Simple answer: our mind. However, when we look a little closer, that answer doesn’t satisfy. Do you consciously think “I am going to think about … Continue reading

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Three a week: Definitions

Philosophers are boring, always insisting on defining words to death. Three questions: Question 1: Why such insistence on precise definitions? Rather than ask a series of questions related to this broader question, as I normally do, I feel compelled to … Continue reading

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