Three a week: the meaning of life

We are told it is a waste of time to ponder the meaning of life. We’re supposedly never going to find it. Three questions:

Question 1: Why live?

We didn’t choose to be born. Why continue existing? Fear of the unknown? Earthly pleasure? This question really governs all your actions, if subconsciously. It is at the base of anyone’s worldview. Whether you realize it or not, you are making an active choice to continue existing (for a reason).

Question 2: Can we know the meaning of life?

And everybody shouts “NO, you can’t! People have tried since the beginning of history, and we are still asking that question!” I have been told personally numerous times that it is a question which, at its core, is a waste of time. I find this answer pretentious.

I heartily doubt anyone has full knowledge of every thinker’s writing on the topic. Do you really know that nobody has ever found out what it is? How can someone dismiss all arguments on the topic without knowing all the arguments? That’s like saying we can never know (we do not have the ability to know) objective truth because people throughout history have disagreed about what it is (or if it exists). You aren’t applying logic or reason, just dismissal. Dismissal of the most important question you can ever ask. You have not heard all the arguments and therefore have no basis to conclude such a thing. If you don’t know the meaning of life, conclude temporary uncertainty, and keep your mind open to the possibility that you might be able to find out at some point, by some argument. (If you do know the meaning of life, let me know. I am personally uncertain.)

Think about it. If the meaning of life is not objective, just a subjective creation, that has consequences. Your life should be lived differently if there is no objective purpose to it. If the meaning of life IS objective, there is no more important truth to seek. Indeed, your whole life should function around finding what your purpose is. This leads me to my next question:

Question 3: Why continue acting without deeper knowledge?

Unless you think deeply about the meaning of life, the overwhelming chance is that you aren’t living accordingly. How could you, if it’s not known? Ignoring this fact won’t make it go away. The only people have a chance of actually knowing the meaning of life and living accordingly are those who acknowledge the severity of this question and seek out the truth. You should suffer life-paralysis when confronted with the possibility of spending 100% of your time squandering away the potential for objective human fulfillment. Nothing is more important or worthwhile for your time, regardless of how comfortable the absence of thought is.


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