Three a week: Culture

Unless you live in the woods (with an internet connection?), you are influenced by culture. Three questions:

Question 1: Should you care about your society’s culture?

Think about it. Does a subjective, pervasive culture help anyone come closer to discovering truth? Culture is something that bonds members of a society together, without a doubt, but it’s OK to question whether or not that is a good thing. You don’t want to be bonded to people on the intellectual titanic, even if you are “one of them”.

Question 2: Is there an objectively “best” culture?

Every culture seems to believe theirs is objectively the best. Indeed, some feel a moral duty to spread their superior culture, whether you like it or not (but for your own good). They can not all be right. By whose standards can we judge the merits of a culture? Our own? That sounds awfully subjective, unless we are pulling objective morality into the equation.

Question 3: Does anything good come from culture?

Besides the variety of tear-jerking national anthems, tastes of humor, refined culinary habits, and different color flags.

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