Sorting through chaos

There are so many opinions about everything. For certain topics, the total number of different opinions seems to approach infinity. Is there any way that one can sort through all of these opinions and beliefs? Would it be arrogant to claim that one belief is right while the rest are wrong?

The way to deal with such overwhelming information is to develop a way to think: a thought process. You already have one, whether you know it or not, and¬†whether you like it or not. It is inescapable. The basis for all your beliefs exist by way of your thought process. There could not be a more important thing to sharpen if you care about the accuracy of your thought.¬†You’d be amazed how clear the world becomes when you can have justified confidence in your beliefs.

However, critical thinking is not what popular culture or pop-academia wants us to believe it is, where you just come up with arguments that feel good so that you can get a pat on the back by your colleagues and professors. It leads to much more unpopular conclusions than that.

Thus, I will share with you ways to sharpen your thought process.

Step 1: Fully acknowledge the paramount importance of accurate thinking and the dependence of all thoughts on a thought process. Simple, but crucial.

More will follow.

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